Plan your summer staycation at The Ruby Hotel in Downtown Round Rock

If you need a little R & R this summer, look no further than The Ruby Hotel & Bar in Downtown Round Rock.

Opened in 2019, the boutique hotel along Brushy Creek is the obvious staycation choice for locals. Guests enjoy a shaded pool, plenty of outdoor lounge areas, creative cocktails, well-appointed rooms, and unbeatable views-all without leaving town!

“The fact that people can come, literally within five minutes from their home, and feel like they’re on a vacation, is truly something special,” director of sales and marketing, Cole Di Carlo said, referencing the influx of local hotel guests.

The design and brand inspiration for the hotel was derived from a letter found on the property in the early days of construction. The letter was addressed to “Dearest Ruby”, and was dated to the early to mid-1930s. From there, a fictional Ruby was imagined and her international travels and hometown roots served as inspiration for the mid-century modern design of The Ruby.

The hotel’s location affords guests the opportunity to easily enjoy Downtown coffee shops, restaurants, retail stores, and nightlife within a ten-minute walk or 2-minute drive.

At the end of a day spent exploring Downtown and relaxing by the pool, the Ruby bar is not to be missed. Open to guests and walk-ins alike, the cocktail-forward bar features inventive cocktails, a well-curated wine list, and a substantial food menu. It offers the perfect endcap to a vacation spent entirely in Downtown Round Rock.

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