July 4th Parade

Our parade will return to Mays Street in 2023!

Kids with faces painted red, white and blue. Crowds of people waiving American flags. Sunshine and blue skies shining down on a Main Street overflowing with hometown pride. This is Independence Day in Downtown Round Rock – a special event that will make your heart swell, fill your camera with more memories than you can count and prickle that hair on the back of your neck just enough to remind you of the small-town spirit on which this growing place we call home was built.

We’re excited to welcome the Sertoma July Fourth Parade back to our quaint, but vibrant downtown, and we can’t wait to see you and your family out celebrating with us!

This ain’t just your typical run-of-the-mill parade though. This is a full-on, tip your cap, tighten up them overalls morning filled to the brim with nostalgic Americana fun for the whole family. So, strap the kids in the car, grab a few little flags and get down here to scout out the perfect parade-watchin’ spot before someone else beats you to it!




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