Downtown welcomes new public art

Downtown Round Rock is home to a multitude of public art and there’s never been a better time to take it all in. In addition to a new exhibit in the Downtowner Gallery, three new pieces of public art have recently been installed.

Pick up an iced coffee at Mi Mundo or Lamppost and take an artful morning stroll!

Title: “Bubble Wind Spinner”

Artist: Artist Unknown

Location: Prete Plaza next to the JA Nelson Building, 201-203 East Main Street

About the art: This kinetic artwork relies on the wind to help propel its colorful spinner features into motion. Capturing changes in both light and wind, its features change with the weather. 

Title: “Uncommon Egret

Artist: Marla Ripperda

Location: Centennial Plaza along Brown Street

About the artwork: At nearly 7 feet tall, this mixed media sculpture is made with epoxy clay on rebar and metal lath and is embossed with Indian woodblock print designs. 

Title: “Johnny Degollado”

Artist: Amado Castillo III

Location: 221 East Main Street

About the art: Johnny Degollado is one of Conjunto music’s most prolific songwriters and master accordionists. Known around his hometown of Austin as El Montopolis Kid, Degollado started his own band in 1952. As a youth, he would spend weekends at an open-air dance venue called La Polkita in Del Valle, southeast of Austin, watching the best accordionist in central Texas: Camilo Cantu, also known as El Azote de Austin.

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