Inside our Downtown Boutiques: The Dowdy House

April 27, 2016 | In In the Press

From the moment you step inside, you feel right at home. Filled with classic charm, vintage vibes and just enough antique character to fill your heart with a pinch of nostalgia, The Dowdy House is a true one-of-a-kind gem in Downtown Round Rock.

The staff exude the small-town hospitality you’d expect from a Main Street boutique. From “Is there anything I can help ya find” to “y’all come back real soon,” it’s the unpretentious attitude and the clear desire to help folks find that perfectly unique item, that sets this special spot apart from your everyday shopping experience.

Lucky for us, we have the opportunity to stop in on the regular. And that’s just what we did – only this time we brought along our trusty picture takin’ contraption.

The first thing that caught our eye when we walked through the front door, aside from their great selection of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint? The “purr”fectly placed print of a notably fashionable cat dawning a pair of outrageously orange eyeglasses. Let’s just say, we definitely got off on the right foot, or in this case, paw.

Inside Dowdy 19E

On our visit, staff were working on bringing in a whole new set of items to the first “room” of the shop. Yep, that’s right, the store is broken apart into a series of different rooms. It really adds to the homey feel and gives you that authentic home decor/antique shopping vibe. And if you become a regular, which we hear there are plenty of, you’ll quickly notice that the unique goodies change quite often.

As we stepped into the first room we came to, it was vintage love at first sight. Bags, clothes and unique jewels all found their way into our line of sight. And then there was the girl. She didn’t speak but we could tell she was eyeing the scarves, so we decided to let her browse in peace for a while.

Inside Dowdy 21E

Boy is it a good thing we did, because we hit the jackpot in what we call the “grand room.” Filled with so many treasures we thought to ourselves, “we need a bigger shopping bag!” We spent what must have been a good ten-or-so minutes just looking in all the little nooks and crannies to try to capture everything. Even still, we failed miserably.

From the super cute, kitchy kitchen towels, to the vintage metal signs, to the absolutely perfectly sized and craftily-colored mini notepads mixed in with antique furniture, knick knacks and modern-esque wall decor galore, we knew this was it – we had officially arrived in boutique heaven.

dowdy blog collage 1

Or so we thought until we continued further into the shop. Yes, there’s more, something you definitely might not expect if you just took a peek from the street!

Oh, and of course the hallway leading to even more boutique bliss would be stunningly playful. The feather banner is perfectly placed to catch the eye and gives you just a hint of whimsy as you pass through.

Mix that with the warmth of a vintage light fixture and an exposed brick wall and you get a timeless feeling that makes you wonder how you’ve lived without this place for all these years.

Inside Dowdy 10E

Yearning for more? Dying to see what’s in the last room? You’ll have to mosey on over and step inside for yourself!

We can’t wait to see you and neither can The Dowdy House!