Brass Tap “Hops” onto List of Best Beer Bars in America

February 24, 2016 | In In the Press

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Walk in. Sit down. And enjoy the uniqueness that is The Brass Tap. From the moment you step into this epic beer bar, you feel right at home. Maybe it’s the folks, or the history, or the taste of those IPA hops tickle’in that picky palette of yours. Whatever it is, not only has it helped this laid-back watering hole become a main street mainstay, it’s also landed it on’s list of the “51 Best Beer Bars in America.”

Why Brass Tap? Because they’re awesome, duh. Ok, you’re right, maybe we’re a little biased, but we’re not the only ones that think so. In fact, craft beer fans across our state and the nation cast more than 9,000 votes in total to determine who made the list.

See what they had to say about our favorite hometown hideout:

“The Brass Tap Round Rock has 60 rotating taps devoted exclusively to craft beers. Our tap wall changes every single day. We’re located in a beautiful 110-year-old building on Main Street in the historic district of downtown Round Rock.

The one thing we have that very few other bars have is the presence of two ghosts who have resided in the building for decades. One of the ghosts is a young woman in a white wedding dress who has been seen gliding up and down our staircase. The other ghost is a little boy who can be heard bouncing a ball on the second floor. Some female guests swear that they have heard him knocking on the bathroom doors and then running away. Both of our ghosts are friendly and have never intentionally harmed or scared anyone, but some of our staff members are still very reluctant to be alone in the building after closing time!”

Who else made the cut? See the full list here.